About Steven

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I am an Architect for Oracle Corporation, with a focus on applied PL/SQL. From a professional standpoint, I have since 1992 worked almost exclusively with the Oracle PL/SQL language. I've published ten books (count 'em, ten. About seven too many, probably) on PL/SQL, traveled to more than two dozen countries to present and train, and so on.

I am building the new Oracle Database Evangelist team, which will be responsible for providing resources to help our users succeed with our technologies, and also to build a global, vibrant user community.

I am "Grandpa" to a most amazing creature in the entire universe, known and unknown: Loey Lucille Silva. 

I write and very occasionally publish children's books.

I rescue trees under attack from invasive species (those few trees that were able to survive the earlier, vast onslaught by humans). 

Back in 2010, I started the PL/SQL Challenge, an online, daily PL/SQL quiz. I wrote five new quizzes a week for four years, over 1,200 quizzes on PL/SQL, more on logic and even SQL. We had a hard core group of 500 players on that daily quiz - a very impressive bunch of technologists!

In 2011, I launched the PL/SQL Channel, a library of over 27 hours of detailed training on Oracle PL/SQL.