The non-PL/SQL story of Steven's life

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Oh yes, there is certainly more to me than meets the eye of a PL/SQL developer. Oh yes, I am sure I can find those bits of me somewhere. Unfortunately, I have to write some PL/SQL code, so I don't have time to....

No, no. Silly me. Yes, PL/SQL does consume much of my life, but I have busily pursued other interests as well.

And as you will read over and over again in this site, at least initially, I will give you small, short and delightful tidbits - and then get back to you later with more details. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Born in Manhasset, NY in September, 1958.
  • I have, for the record, two parents (mother and father, Joan and Sheldon) and four sisters (Jaye, Shari, Laurie, Nina) - no brothers! And, oddly enough, my father also had four sisters and no brothers. I have seven nieces and nephews: Masada, Timnah, Danielle, Benjamin, Markus, Liana, Sally.
  • Lived in Levittown (the prototypical "Little Boxes" town) until I was five. We lived right next to the old right-of-way for the railroad, then a big field - that was great!).
  • Moved to Wyandanch, on Long Island, where I lived till I went off to college. Elementary school, Junior High, High School, mowing that 1/3 acre lawn, exploring the not yet over-developed suburbia (catching frogs with my bare hand)....
  • Attended University of Rochester from 1976 to 1980. Passionately interested in mathematics until I discovered poetry, philosophy and politics. Barely escaped U of R with my summa cum laude (or was it magna? Who can remember such details?) degree with high distinction in mathematics (I know, sounds impressive, but really by that time I had lost all interest in theoretical math, and was compelled to take one more course my senior year to fulfill requirements - oh, that was painful!).
  • Met my wife, Veva, in Rochester in 1981. Oh yeah.
  • But at the UofR, I mostly discovered politics. Became an activist in the South African Awareness Committee. From there, started an alternative school newspaper and then started protesting Reagan's terrible support for the Salvadoran junta.
  • Got involved with CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador) while at the UofR.
  • Moved to Chicago (followed my girlfriend - who was not Veva), became a more or less full-time activist for CISPES, eventually "moving up the ranks" to Regional Coordinator, in which position I was routinely (and unknowingly) manipulated to vote the right way on national policies (I was so naive and wouldn't have it any other way).
  • Then I really met my future wife, Veva, on a trip back to Rochester and a year later, she and her ten-year old son, Chris, moved out to Chicago to live with me. Oh my, the passion, the awesome power of love!
  • I worked for First National Bank of Chicago, Abbott Laboratories, CNA - before I found Oracle and PL/SQL.
  • Eli was born in 1986. My first and only baby.
  • I really like babies. I seek out babies to hold and play with and feed and talk to.

So that's a start - and, now that I think of it, in the first iteration of a "Look at me! I am amazing!" website designed for me by my son, Chris Silva, I provided lots of additional details. It's old content, but oh so good. So do check out my "Classic and Crazy" website.