Steven's Family

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For now, I offer just the basics....

Wife: Veva Silva, formerly a nurse, now a ceramist and Realtor. You can see examples of her functional and inspiring creations here. Married in 1983.

Oldest Son: Chris Tavares Silva, an accomplished artist and all around wonderful guy. Check out his amazing artwork here. In October 2012, he and his collaborators in ABCD 83 won the juried prize for 3-D art in ArtPrize. Wow! Lauren Feece, Chris's wife, is also a visual artist; you will find her beautiful work here. And born on October 30, 2011 is my lovely granddaughter, Loey Lucille Silva. Pictures available here.

Youngest Son: Eli Silva Feuerstein, a fine guitarist and songwriter and, starting in 2010, an Oracle Application Express developer on the PL/SQL Challenge. You can listen to Eli perform for his mom on Mother's Day. :-) But you will find his most recent music efforts at Soundcloud.

Father: Sheldon Feuerstein, now deceased, was an accountant and lawyer for many years. And...an artist! He painted a lot when I was young and got back to it in retirement. Check out his art here. Birthday greetings on Dad's 80th birthday (October 7, 2009) were offered here. My memorial for Dad on my blog here.

Mother: Joan Lee Feuerstein. Mom is an organizer (and, well, you know, a mom). She has been active in Hadassah, a Jewish women's organization for decades. If such things are passed along genetically, then I definitely got my organizing capabilities from her! Oh, and her competitive personality and love of games (cards, board games, etc.).

Sisters: Just like my dad, I have four sisters and no brothers (except he was second youngest and I am second oldest). Jaye Sela, Shari DeUrso, Laurie Walsh, and Nina Rosenthal. And they in turn have generously provided me with nieces and nephews. Tragically, Laurie died in 2010.

Back in May 1972, I interviewed my grandmother (my father's mother, Rose), mostly about where she grew up and how she made it to the United States.