Oracle PL/SQL Programming: Guide to Oracle8i Features

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A feast of untraditional examples!
Steven Feuerstein
October 1999 (OUT OF PRINT)
978-1-56592-675-2 | ISBN 10: 1-56592-675-7

Official description: This concise and engaging guide will give you a jump start on the new PL/SQL features of Oracle8i (Oracle's revolutionary "Internet database"). It covers autonomous transactions, invoker rights, native dynamic SQL, bulk binds and collects, system-level database triggers, new built-in packages, fine-grained access control, calling Java methods from within PL/SQL, and much more. Includes a diskette containing 100 files of reusable source code and examples.

Sure, it's waaaaay out of date. But I am listing it here so can still enjoy the fuss it caused upon publication. I decided to use non-traditional examples. Instead of HR and order entry, I talked about excessive CEO compensation, union busting, war crimes - all sorts of truly inspiring examples. Hmmm. Anyway, lots of people liked it, lots of people hated. Read more about all that here.