Bookplates for O'Reilly Media Oracle PL/SQL Books

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A bookplate is a label that you can attach to a page in your book, usually to the inside front cover, that indicates ownership of the book and may also contain a signature by the author.

O'Reilly Media has generously provided three beautiful bookplates for the books you see listed below. You can order the bookplate of your choice, choose from one of my standard messages or ask for a custom message of your own.

The charge for each bookplates is $10 USD (includes shipping). Payment is through Paypal, and will be billed to PL/Solutions.

ImageNamePriceAdd to cart
Bookplate for Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices$10.00
Bookplate for Oracle PL/SQL LanguageBookplate for Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference$10.00
Bookplate for Oracle PL/SQL ProgrammingBookplate for Oracle PL/SQL Programming$10.00