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About this site


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Steven's Family


For now, I offer just the basics....

Wife: Veva Silva, formerly a nurse, now a ceramist and Realtor. You can see examples of her functional and inspiring creations here. Married in 1983.

The non-PL/SQL story of Steven's life


Oh yes, there is certainly more to me than meets the eye of a PL/SQL developer. Oh yes, I am sure I can find those bits of me somewhere. Unfortunately, I have to write some PL/SQL code, so I don't have time to....

No, no. Silly me. Yes, PL/SQL does consume much of my life, but I have busily pursued other interests as well.

And as you will read over and over again in this site, at least initially, I will give you small, short and delightful tidbits - and then get back to you later with more details. Here's a quick rundown:

The PL/SQL story of Steven's life


I have two confessions to make: first, I have got to be one of the most narrowly specialized technologists in the world. I really just know one thing: PL/SQL. Fortunately, I know that pretty well—and fortunately also, Oracle has done a splendid job of designing, building, and enhancing the language. Sure, I used to write Fortran, but these days if you ask me about anything outside of PL/SQL you will draw a blank. Second confession: I am not really much of a technologist. I took three “101” courses on programming in college, and that is it for formal education.

About Steven


I am an Architect for Oracle Corporation, with a focus on applied PL/SQL. From a professional standpoint, I have since 1992 worked almost exclusively with the Oracle PL/SQL language. I've published ten books (count 'em, ten. About seven too many, probably) on PL/SQL, traveled to more than two dozen countries to present and train, and so on.

I am building the new Oracle Database Evangelist team, which will be responsible for providing resources to help our users succeed with our technologies, and also to build a global, vibrant user community.

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