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Well, you can't read me, per se. You can, however, read precisely what I write for you - and that's a lot, especially if you are a PL/SQL developer or Oracle DBA.

Since 1994, I have written ten books on the PL/SQL language. I also write a regular column for Oracle Magazine and the ODTUG Technical Journal. I publish a blog at PL/SQL Obsession. I make available at that same location all of my presentations on PL/SQL and software-related matters. 

To get more information about my PL/SQL books, click here

And now I have fulfilled a life-long dream by also publishing my first book for children: Vivian Vulture and the Clean-up Culture.

Besides my own site, you can always check out my "author page" at O'Reilly Media itself.

To check out my past and present Oracle Magazine columns, click here

Read my PL/SQL-centric blog.

For less PL/SQL-focused rants, check out Feuerthoughts.